The endearments (2009–present) is a series of anagrammatic poems made from the sweet words people call the people and other creatures they love. A chapbook of endearments was a finalist for the 2013 Center for Book Arts chapbook contest and for the 2014 New Michigan Press / Diagram chapbook contest, and a semifinalist for Gold Line Press’s 2016 Poetry Chapbook Competition and Verse‘s 2017 Tomaž Šalamun Chapbook Prize.

The project, including the procedure and constraints used to make the poems, is documented at endearments.net.

Some endearments online:

“Endearment (my little love),” Spiral Orb issue 11, released January 2016

“Endearment (precious),” “Endearment (cinnamon),” “Endearment (sweetie pie),” Really System issue 6, released April 2015

“Endearment (sweet pea),” Open Letters Monthly, October 2011

“Endearment (sweetheart),” “Endearment (dreamboat),” So and So Magazine issue 6

And in print: in Nelle (2018), South Dakota Review (2017), and 111O (2014).