Even if you intend on writing letters, it can be hard to remember to do it. The pilot version of SEND WORD, a correspondence station, debuted at Penland School of Crafts in January 2013. The station offered letterpress-printed postcards, pens, stamps, letter-writing tips and live support, and a comfy chair in which to sit while writing. The initial featured stationers were me, Rory Sparks, and Lari Gibbons. The letter tally for the first month of the project shows that participants sent more than 77 postcards—not millions, perhaps, but 77 more than might have been written otherwise. SEND WORD take 2 to debut soon!

Photos below, as well as at the Penland Print Tumblr (including charming letter-writing-in action shots) and at Printeresting’s recent writeup about Penland.

The first SEND WORD poster, set in wood type and printed on a Vandercook SP15 proof press. Kerning to be fixed in subsequent versions (at 3 a.m., I was more concerned with getting the letters to print than with spacing). Write a letter today!


The station, with a list of stellar greetings and salutations compiled by Rory Sparks.

Featuring cards by Anna Lena Phillips (“Brand New Year,” “REPAIR,” and blue bike), Rory Sparks (green and blue, abstract with wood type), and Lari Gibbons (grey, with border material and gradient roll).