I’m glad to talk with and give readings for students, book groups, and other audiences. I love leading writing adventures exploring a street, stream, park, or historic space. SEND WORD, my letter-writing station, is available for both outdoor and indoor events.

Recent talks and appearances on:

—literary editing and the teaching of editing
—formal poetic strategies, both old and new
—tiny-press publishing and the making of artist’s books
—the art of correspondence
—intersections between poetry and oldtime Appalachian music and dance

To schedule a reading, talk, workshop, or classroom visit—or if you’ve got a square dance in need of a caller—please write to bellphillipsal at gmail dot com.

To request a review copy or an exam copy of Ornament, please contact University of North Texas Press.

If you assign Ornament or A Pocket Book of Forms for a course you’re teaching and would like a visit/reading by Skype, please write to the email address above.

If you’d like to receive fairly infrequent updates on new projects and events, send a message saying so to the same address.

If you prefer the post, please write here:

UNCW Station, CB#20049
601 S. College Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28407